Img_7064 Plant - Native Azalea - Florida Flame
Grower: Southern Native Plantings @ Longwood Plantation
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Rhododendron austrinum - Florida flame azalea is a favorite of many azalea enthusiasts. It grows naturally in northern Florida, and adjoining areas in Georgia, Alabama, and Mississippi. The Florida flame azalea also does well farther north. It is fragrant, but, not as strong or as pleasant as R. canescens. The color is usually yellow, with some orange and red cultivars identified.Rich, moist, acidic soil in light shade with some direct sun, protected from harsh winds, is an ideal location for Florida flame azaleas. Azaleas grow best in filtered shade from tall trees, but will bloom poorly when in root competition with trees. Plants are very sensitive to drought. The soil must be open and porous, yet able to retain water. A thick mulch is recommended to help ensure adequate moisture retention and root growth. Locate the plants so that they can receive frequent irrigation.