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Don't forget to order this week!

Fall veggies are coming in, and several of our farmers who took some time off are BACK! (We sure missed them!) Don’t forget to place your order before midnight tonight. See you Thursday.

The market is open!

Thanks for shopping with us!

New items available at Market2Go!

We had a few items added after the market opened:

Relinda’s organic white acre peas are back, as well as her regular sweet potatoes and white sweet potatoes.

We also have seven 1.5 lb. salmon filets available. (These will sell fast, so if you are interested be sure to place your order.)

Thank you for shopping with Market2Go!

The Market is Open!

Thanks for shopping with us!

Don't forget to order before midnight!

Don’t forget to place your order before midnight tonight!

Upcoming farm event in Bulloch County – Farm Heritage Day Festival at Hunter Cattle – Saturday, Sept. 21 – beginning at 10:00 a.m. Great fun for the entire family!

The market is open!

Many of you have asked about the produce available at Market2Go. Right now we are “between” summer and fall veggies and a few of our farmers have taken some time off. Expect them to come back online soon with sweet potatoes and lots more! For now we have OKRA, ONIONS, PEPPERS, BUTTERNUT SQUASH, PEARS, SCUPPERNONG GRAPES…and more. And of course we have your local honey, meats, dairy products, seafood, pecans, grits and other milled grains, eggs, bakery goods, plants, planting mix, and fresh herbs. Thank you for supporting local food producers!

Place your order today before midnight!

Thanks for shopping with Market2Go!

The market is open!

Just a few of last week’s delicious finds…pears, okra, blueberry cream cheese braids, squash, steaks, Sugar Magnolia’s delicious pizza… Enjoy shopping!!

The market is open!

Don’t forget to place your order before midnight tonight for pickup this Thursday!

The market is open!

Enjoy shopping!