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Bread for serving

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Bread - French Roll Plain
Grower: Sugar Magnolia Bakery & Cafe
Price: $10.00 ( 4-pk )
Available (Exact): 6
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Chewy crust, soft middle, these rolls serve wonderfully as sandwiches, paired with soup, or simply to share at dinner time. more
Bread - Cheese Rolls (pk of 4)
Grower: Sugar Magnolia Bakery & Cafe
Price: $12.00 ( Pk of 4 )
Available (Exact): 7
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Four (4) chewy rolls with shredded cheddar & swiss cheese baked in the dough. Great as a meal side or ... more
Bread - Frenchie
Grower: Sugar Magnolia Bakery & Cafe
Price: $4.50 ( each )
Available (Exact): 6
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A bread classic, the Frenchie is just a smaller version of our popular Big French. It has the excellent chewy ... more
Bread - White Sourdough Bread Loaf
Grower: Daisy Mae Farms/Traditions Bakery and Catering
Price: $5.50 ( Each )
Available (Exact): 0
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Traditions Bakery has been making bread since 2002, and is especially proud of this light, flavorful white sourdough loaf that ... more