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1 large egg

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Eggs - Free Range Eggs - All Natural - large
Grower: Jacobs Produce
Price: $4.50 ( 1 dozen )
Available (Exact): 22
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Large eggs that are laid by healthy hens that are allowed to range free in open pasture and enjoy eating ... more
Eggs - Large Eggs
Grower: Anthony's Roots
Price: $5.00 ( 1 Dozen )
Available (Exact): 0
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Large Eggs: Non-GMO, nutrient dense, free range. more
Eggs - Large, Farm Fresh, Multi-colored
Grower: Daisy Mae Farms/Traditions Bakery and Catering
Price: $4.45 ( 1 Dozen )
Available (Exact): 12
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Our farm fresh eggs are produced by our own free range chickens without added supplements, antibiotics, hormones or steroids. These ... more
Eggs - Bootleg Farm's Pasture raised Brown Eggs
Grower: Bootleg Farm
Price: $5.00 ( 1 dozen )
Available (Exact): 18
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Pasture raised, free roaming hens at Bootleg Farm have plenty room to roam the farm where they can scratch and ... more
Eggs - Extra Large - Brown Free Range
Grower: Southern Swiss Dairy, LLC
Price: $4.75 ( 1 dozen )
Available (Exact): 0
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Large Brown Eggs from our flock of mixed hens that free range on the farm.
Eggs - Extra Large Eggs
Grower: Anthony's Roots
Price: $5.50 ( 1 Dozen )
Available (Exact): 1
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Extra Large Eggs: Non-GMO, nutrient dense, free range.
Eggs - Extra Large Free Range Eggs
Grower: Franklin Citrus Farms
Price: $4.50 ( 1 dozen )
Available (Exact): 15
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Healthy happy free range hens laying multi colored eggs. We have black australorp,silver wyandotte,barred rocks,americanas, and rode island reds laying ... more