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Just Added!

This week has brought lots of great new products to Market2Go!

First off we’re thrilled to announce that Barrow Woodworks, a long time Saturday market favorite, has joined the online market and is offering his marvelous handmade wooden cutting boards, puzzles, chess sets, and clocks!

Next up we have three new vegetables for sale from Poor Robin Gardens. Whether you’d rather feel the heat with Ricardo’s fresh jalapeños, cool down with a long green cucumber, or enjoy a classic southern dinner with his new green beans, there’s definitely something here to suit all tastes.

Don’t miss out on this year’s chance to try some sweet Vanilla Peach Jam from J.R.’s Unique Jelly & Jam! Since it’s made in small batches from the first crop of peaches from Ogeechee Peaches it’s understandably a very limited edition product.

There’s a brand new vendor joining Market2Go, so please join us in welcoming Fluffelle, who’s selling both a cool new soap called Farmhouse Sink, and a lavender and vanilla scented room spray (a welcome novelty given how homebound most of us are at the moment!) Both handmade in Statesboro.

And finally, there’s some big news from Southern Soaked, who’s got a batch of new products as well! This long-awaited body butter has a whipped fluffy texture, is made with natural ingredients and comes in three alluring scents: a zesty citrus, a powerful eucalyptus mint combo, and a sweet lavender vanilla mixture.

Thank you for your support of the market and of our dedicated local farmers and producers.

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