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Order Before 10pm!

Reminder – Order before 10pm tonight!

Please join us in welcoming Mimi’s Makings Market to Market2Go! They’ve got cakes, pumpkin bread, and sweet and spicy varieties of jam and jelly available for purchase, including some made from beautyberries which are a purple berry that grows wild in this area.

The jams, jellies & fruit butters on the market are perfect for:

  • Topping toast or inside sandwiches made with Sugar Magnolia bread.
  • Baked goods that have fruit spreads in the ingredients, such as Thumbprint Cookies.
  • And spicy jelly makes a flavorful savory glaze for shrimp, pork, vegetables, and chicken.

We’d also like to announce that Ma’s Country Pantry is now offering some home-grown uncracked jumbo sized pecans!


Our featured Pop Up Vendor this week is Southern Soaked, one of our long-time and popular Saturday market vendors. Come visit with owner Shilo Foreman and check out her healthy and attractive array of soaps, including goats milk soap, buttermilk soap and beer soap, flavored with local ingredients like Georgia peaches, satsumas, mint, and lemongrass. Shilo will also offer her100% soy wax candles in glass containers.
We’ll also have the 4 & 20 Bakers food truck with us this week. Order from the Pop Up items on the market or stop by the truck for Chad’s wood fired pizza, designer cupcakes, and fresh lemonade. For advance order of whole pizzas, “caw” or text Chad at 912-425-3612.

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