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Whatcha cookin’ for Thanksgiving?

Whatcha cookin’ for Thanksgiving? Let us help!

Meats and Seafood. Choose your protein from a wide range of meats and seafood on Market2Go. Great for your Thanksgiving meal or any time.

  • Pasture-raised turkey – frozen whole bird, wings, or drumsticks from B&J Farms.
  • Free-range whole chickens for roasting from Hunter Cattle.
  • Ham or pork roast from pastured pigs at Savannah River Farms or Boykin Ranch.
  • Grass-fed beef roast or steaks from Hunter Cattle, Savannah River Farms or Southern Swiss.
  • Georgia shrimp or Atlantic Coast flounder from Prossers Seafood.

Easy meal options. Want to keep things simple? Our vendors can help! Choose from fifty casseroles and pasta dishes – vegetarian or meat based – from Sugar Magnolia, 4 & 20 Bakers, Caribbean Feast, and Kim’s Cheese Straws.

Put some green on your Thanksgiving table! Choose fresh and healthy greens from Better Fresh Farms, Ebenezer Greens, Jacobs Produce, Kachina Farms, or Poor Robin Gardens.
Arugula * Beet Greens * Broccoli * Collards * Kale * Lettuce * Salad mixes * Microgreens * Mustard * Spinach * Swiss Chard * Turnip Greens

Traditional sides for your Thanksgiving meal!
Choose from homemade and chef-made dishes prepared by Market2Go vendors — broccoli casserole, carrot souffle, mac ‘n’ cheese, cranberry relish, dilly beans, pickled beets and pimiento cheese.
Or purchase ingredients for your family’s favorite recipes – butter, eggs, milk, cornmeal and flour, sweet potatoes, squash, pecans, ground beef or pork, sausage, mushrooms and more.

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