Website: https://www.etsy.com/shop/Meccrame

During those long, hot, boring summer days, what did you do to keep yourself busy? You may or may not of had cable. You’ve watched every Disney VHS tape in your collection. You’ve read every book on the shelf. You’ve played every board game with your siblings. You’ve played with your barbie dolls, hot-wheels, and created something new with your legos until you couldn’t anymore. You’ve put together the same puzzle multiple times. You’ve stayed inside to avoid a heatstroke because the weather was too hot to go outside and play. What did you do to stay productive on those days? For me, I kept myself busy by making friendship bracelets! My sisters used to make them when they were bored, and handed down the book to me called “Friendship Bracelets” by Laura Torres and certified by Klutz. Since middle school, I have been making bracelets with just a clip and thread. I decided to start my own little business of macramé —a textile art made by creating various knotting techniques. In September of 2020, I opened my Etsy shop and named it a combination of my name, Mecca, and macramé – Meccramé! Customers can enjoy a variety of handmade bohemian bracelets, made for all people of culture and gender. They can be given to friends, as well as family members, soulmates, mentors, etc. These bracelets are made of cotton thread and are machine wash and dryer safe. They can also be worn as anklets, or even be used as zipper pulls, hair ties, key chains, or any other purpose you can think of.

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