Westwood Angus Beef

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We are a multi-generational Registered Black Angus cow-calf/ seed stock operation in Statesboro, Ga. I am the 4th generation on our farm and 3rd generation to carry on the cattle operation. We have recently started finishing out our own cattle to offer a quality, fresh, farm to table option for all who enjoy good beef! Everything we raise is bred, born, and raised here on our farm no sourced cattle. We are Stewards of these cattle from the day they are conceived, and take pride in caring for them and providing them with suitable pasture, forage, minerals, and supplements they need to have a healthy sustainable life while under our care.
Our Cattle are raised all natural with no added hormones, growth implants or antibiotics. The steers we choose to finish are on ample amount of pasture and are given free choice grain mixture to maximize their potential and produce a high quality, rich flavored final product that we are proud to call our own!

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