B&G Honey Farm


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B&G Honey Farm has had bees since 1989 when we visited a cousin in Florida who had bees. This renewed an interest in bees, as my DAD had bees when I was a kid. Soon after that, we had grown to over 450 hives when in 2006/2007 the Colony Collapse Disorder hit, and we were down to some 100 hives. Since then we have grown back, sold some, added more, and began pollinating crops for farmers as far away as Hawkinsville GA and surrounding areas. We also collect honey from the Ogeechee to the Altamaha river. Most of our honey is Wildflower honey, which is recommended for allergies, and is a treat on chicken fingers, salads, teas and coffee etc. Tupelo honey comes from the tupelo tree along the banks of these rivers .

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