Southern Swiss Dairy, LLC


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Southern Swiss Dairy is a 5-generation family Grade A dairy farm, located in Burke County, who began processing their Brown Swiss cattle’s milk in Jan 2010. The milk, just hours from the cow, is separated, then low temperature vat pasteurized and immediately cooled and bottled. Our products are whole, 2%, skim milk, buttermilk, chocolate milk, heavy cream, half & half, and butter. Our cows are fed a forage based ration, balanced nutritionally with grain & vitamin concentrate and grazed as much as possible. The herd has been Certified TB & Brucellosis free for over 22 years. We are inspected by GA Dept. of AG, monthly, and USDA, annually. Our beef products are from steers born and raised on our farm and are grassfed. Packages of cuts from these animals are ground beef, T-bones, roasts, cubed steaks, sirloin steaks.

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