The Potting Cart

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Love-grown herbs and ornamentals for house, deck, and garden. We use hand-mixed potting soil with locally-sourced composted pine bark as the base.

The Potting Cart specialties:
1. small plants
2. driftwood-mounted epiphytic ferns (Staghorn Ferns)
3. plant walls


Find where it will thrive.

Rotate her between your happy place and her happy place.


Drown* Drain** Dry*** Repeat.

Watering makes or breaks. (Well… other things, too, but this one is primary.) So…
Drown. Water thoroughly; soak. *Drain. Roots of nearly all plants need oxygen. Soggy soil rots roots, but well-draining soil balances moisture with air.
***Dry. Most plant like a breather between watering. If soil stays too wet, use a tool to cultivate the soil around the plant a little.

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