Seven Willows Soaps, Soys and Stationeries


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Seven Willows Soaps, Soys and Stationeries is a local, small business dedicated to bringing natural and earth friendly products to the consumer. We make soaps using the cold process method. We also make liquid and powder laundry detergent. We pride our selves in our soy candles made from the renewable resource – SOY!
We use tins and glass containers that we recycle and reuse for our candles. Our earth friendly stationery is made from paper we recycle by pulping paper, hand pouring and stamping the greeting cards. We also have a line of photography greeting cards that feature elements in nature. Thanks for looking at our products and Renew, Recycle and Refresh with Seven Willows Soaps, Soys, and Stationeries.
We also carry Georgia Grown Olive Oil and sell pretzels and lemonade.

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