H.L. Franklin's Healthy Honey

Website: www.franklinfoodsllc.com/

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H.L. Franklin’s Healthy Honey is dedicated to providing the highest quality honey available.
We are a family owned company based in Statesboro, Georgia.
All of our honey is pure, raw and unfiltered which means it has maintained all of its mix of powerful enzymes, antimicrobial properties, pollens, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients which can boost your immune system and strengthen your body. We do not process or heat our honey nor do we infuse any artificial flavors. We name our honey types after the floral sources the bees used to pollenate.

Each honey type has a very different and distinctive taste due the differences in the flowers. Because everyone’s pallet is so different, it’s a lot of fun to have your own honey tasting and discover which honey variants are your favorites.

Be sure to add our Sampler Honey Gift Box to your order so you can have your own honey tasting at home and find your favorites!

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