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Order Before 10pm Tuesday!

Your farmers need you!

The market counts on your support! Show some love to your local farms & businesses by remembering to order, donate, and spread the word about Market2Go to your co-workers, friends, and family!

Now for some exciting market announcements:

  • Poor Robin Gardens is back online this week with some new produce available.
  • We have a brand new vendor, Cool Beanz Espresso Bar! They have several delightful blends of coffee in whole bean and ground form
  • 4 & 20 Bakers has new carrot cake cupcakes and gluten free cranberry orange muffins, both of which would pair well with some coffee!
  • B&J Farms is now offering a new deal called Meat for a week, in which you will receive pork chops, cubed pork steak, sausage, ground turkey, some leg quarters, chicken breasts, and chicken wings
  • And as a final reminder, there is still plenty of salmon burger meat, lox, and halibut available from Doug’s Wild Alaska Salmon!

Remember to order before 10 PM on Tuesday night!

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