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Order Before 10pm Tues!

Order before 10 PM on Tuesday!

Easter is almost here, and the market has what you need to get ready to celebrate!

  • First and foremost: EGGS! Ranging in size from small to jumbo, these farm fresh eggs are perfect for dyeing, baking, or being cooked up by themselves! We’ve even got a recipe for Deviled Eggs that features plenty of seasonal topping options!
  • Next up, HAM! Whether you’d prefer some small slices for sandwiches or a big pig for baking, we’ve got whatever you need! There’s also plenty of bread, glazes, sauces, veggies, and herbs for prepping and serving.
  • And finally, GOODIES! Be it a gorgeous full size cake or pie, some dainty cupcakes, a box (or two!) of cookies, savory cheese straws, chilly treats like ice cream & frozen fruit, or jams & jellies for your easter brunch, there’s something for everyone at Market2Go!
  • Plus be sure to check out our recipe section for all kinds of culinary inspiration!

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