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Order Before Midnight!

Remember to place your Market2Go order before midnight for pickup on Thursday.

Special Event This Week

This week our Pop Up market will feature seasonal cookies and sweet treats from the Big Boy Cookies food truck plus fall- and Halloween-themed bath products from Allyn’s Soap Company.

Locally owned and operated by Jonny and Hannah Womack, Big Boy Cookies makes their delicious creations completely from scratch using locally sourced and handpicked ingredients. This week they’ll offer chocolate-pumpkin snickerdoodles, oatmeal butterscotch cookies, and ice cream sandwiches plus coffee and cold brew.

At her booth, Ally Bellamy will offer fall and Halloween soaps, bath truffles, bubble bath bars, body butter, natural laundry soap and soap dishes. All products from Allyn’s Soap Company are made by hand in small batches with pure ingredients.

Please wear your mask and observe social distancing.

A wide variety of greens are in season this week at the market!

First off, we’d like to make a special announcement that Fisheads is now back on Market2Go with their aquaponic lettuces! Their stock is limited, so don’t miss your chance for the week.

  • Poor Robin Gardens has been able to bring back back their behemoth bunches of collard greens.
  • Better Fresh Farms has several blends of greens available, including an incredibly nutrient packed pac choi blend.
  • Jacobs Produce has both their kale and broccoli back online.
  • Kachina Farms, in addition to their lettuce mixes; has spinach, arugula, and a wide array of herbs.
  • And finally, Ebenezer Greens has several different combinations of microgreens that add a delicious twist to any salad, wrap, or sandwich.

If you need some culinary inspiration for the week, consider trying out one these recipes:

Thank you for supporting your local farmers and vendors!

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