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Order Before 10pm Tuesday!

Order before 10 PM on Tuesday night!

This week we’re highlighting Freeman’s Mill, whose products are stone ground with 100+ year old granite mills, giving their flour, grits, and cornmeal their great flavor and signature high quality!

Some great ways to enjoy their products include

  • Freshly baked cornbread to accompany a pot of soup or chili
  • A bowl of grits completed with toppings of your choice ( such as butter, cheese, shrimp, onions, hot sauce, mushrooms, crumbled bacon ect.)
  • A plate of hushpuppies to pair with a traditional southern meal
  • And finally, whether you’re looking to bake or fry, Market2Go’s recipe section has plenty of uses for Freeman’s Mill products!

For more information about Freeman’s Mill, check out their grower page and website.

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