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Order Before 10pm Tuesday!

Remember to place your order before 10pm Tuesday!

We’ve got several amazing herbs in season right now that we’d like to highlight this week! What can you do with them? We’re glad you asked!

  • A delightful Dip that pairs well with baguette slices & fresh veggies
  • Refreshing Iced Tea to help you beat the heat
  • Some flavorful grilled Wings to add a little twist to your summer cookout
  • A colorful vegetable Soup to brighten up a rainy day
  • And finally, some savory Biscuits to serve as a side dish
    If you want even more culinary inspiration, be sure to check out our recipe section on Market2Go.


Our in-person Saturday markets have resumed at Synovus parking lot Downtown Statesboro!
Market2Go will still be available for shopping all year – online Friday-Tuesday with Thursday pick up.

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