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Happy Valentine's Day - The Market is Open!

Hope you have a great weekend. Enjoy the sunshine!

The market is open!

Valentine’s Day is almost here…
Check out all the delicious baked goods, plants, and bath & beauty products we have. Shop local for your sweetheart!

Don't forget to place your order this week!

Eat local seasonal produce – cabbage, carrots, kale, spinach, beets, lettuce, radishes, onions – yum!
And this is a great time to plant some fruit trees in your yard – be sure to check out our great selection.
As always, thank you for supporting local farmers!

The Market is OPEN!

The Market is OPEN!

So much to choose from this week – lettuce varieties, spinach, carrots, beets, and other produce. Plan now for Valentine’s Day with kettle corn (under bakery products), cakes and cupcakes, cheese straws, and divinity! How about a nice steak for your Valentine’s Dinner? We have them! And don’t forget some treats for your favorite pooch!

Enjoy shopping!

The market is open!

Statesboro Market2Go is open! And we have several new vendors online. Be sure to check out the baked goods from Simply Sweet Cakery and the kettle corn from Cork’s Kettle Corn.

Enjoy Shopping!

There's still time to order!

Place your order anytime before midnight tonight for pick-up this Thursday. You’ll love the delicious food our farmers are harvesting!

Welcome Simply Sweet Cakery!

Our apologies to SIMPLY SWEET CAKERY! We listed their name incorrectly in the previous e-mail. Welcome Simply Sweet Cakery!

The Market is Open!

Welcome Sweet Cheeks Bakery! You’ve seen them at the Saturday markets and tasted their delicious cupcakes. Now you can order online!

Collard greens, carrots, butternut squash, radishes, cabbage – just a FEW of the winter veggies we have online this week. Several of our farmers lost some produce during the very cold days we had, but we are happy to have such a great variety of delicious crops that survived the weather!

We enjoyed having Hunter Cattle as our featured farmer this week. Hope you had a chance to taste the skirt steak they served! Delicious!

Enjoy Shopping! And please tell your friends about Statesboro Market2Go!

Featured vendor - HUNTER CATTLE

Hunter Cattle is our featured farmer this week, and some of the family will be on site at Sugar Magnolia with samples and a giveaway. Place your order this week, and come visit with us and the Hunter Cattle family Thursday! Here’s a little info from their website:

Our farm is family owned and operated. We are a “pastured and sustainable” farm which raises cattle, hogs, and chickens without giving them antibiotics, hormones or caging them. We also have other animals such as horses, rabbits, goats, turkeys, lambs, and ducks. All of our animals are raised and treated humanely.
•Our local community uses our farm as a place for gatherings, banquets, and birthday parties. We also have “Night on the Farm” events where there is live entertainment and dinner is served.

Place your Market2Go order for this week, and come see us Thursday to find out more!!

The Market is Open!

Tonight’s dinner included a delicious homemade coleslaw made with carrots from Walker Farms and a head of cabbage from Berry Farms. My mom fried some flounder from Prosser’s and had some Freeman stoneground grits last night. We are fortunate to have so much delicious food in our area! Enjoy shopping! The market is open!