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Featured vendor - HUNTER CATTLE

Hunter Cattle is our featured farmer this week, and some of the family will be on site at Sugar Magnolia with samples and a giveaway. Place your order this week, and come visit with us and the Hunter Cattle family Thursday! Here’s a little info from their website:

Our farm is family owned and operated. We are a “pastured and sustainable” farm which raises cattle, hogs, and chickens without giving them antibiotics, hormones or caging them. We also have other animals such as horses, rabbits, goats, turkeys, lambs, and ducks. All of our animals are raised and treated humanely.
•Our local community uses our farm as a place for gatherings, banquets, and birthday parties. We also have “Night on the Farm” events where there is live entertainment and dinner is served.

Place your Market2Go order for this week, and come see us Thursday to find out more!!

The Market is Open!

Tonight’s dinner included a delicious homemade coleslaw made with carrots from Walker Farms and a head of cabbage from Berry Farms. My mom fried some flounder from Prosser’s and had some Freeman stoneground grits last night. We are fortunate to have so much delicious food in our area! Enjoy shopping! The market is open!

Happy New Year - the market is open!

Hope everyone had a great new year! Our growers look forward to providing great local food for you and your family in 2014!

The market is open!

Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas!

Of concern to some of you who may have purchased Aztec Cheddar from us – we have not been notified that any of the cheese delivered to us is part of the recall (see WTOC web page or today’s Statesboro Herald) – and there have been no reported illnesses. However, to be on the safe side, check your lot numbers and compare to the news stories.

Happy New Year to all – and renew your plans to eat healthy and local in 2014!

Enjoy shopping!

Still time to order!

Finish your Christmas shopping with us before midnight tonight! So many choices! And last chance for salmon until March 2014.

Thank you!

The market is open!

The market is open! Lots of important things to know this week:

Doug’s Wild Alaskan Salmon is the vendor of the week and will be with us Thursday. This is your chance to stock up on salmon! He will return in March, but will not be selling online weekly. Be sure to order, and if you already ordered last week, THIS Thursday is when you pick up.

We have carefully weighed whether or not to have a pickup on December 26. Most of the farmers harvest on Wednesday for you to pick up on Thursday, and they will be with their families on the 25th. Others will be out of town. For this reason we will NOT open on December 26, so please stock up this week for both Christmas and New Years! Get your eggnog, pork for New Years Day, sweet potatoes, cornmeal for your cornbread, etc. this week. We will of course have a pickup on Jan. 2.

Need Christmas gifts? We have bright red insulated bags that you can fill with goodies from the market, note cards, baked goods, gift certificates, jams, and more! Be sure to consider us for your shopping this week! Seafood (salmon, shrimp), pork, and beef also make great gifts!

Enjoy shopping!

Featured Vendor this week!!

This week Freeman’s Mill is our featured vendor at the Sugar Magnolia pick up. Plan to sample a cup of grits when you pick up! Even if you didn’t place an order this week, come see us!

Freeman’s Mill offers high quality stoneground grits, cornmeal, hushpuppy mix, sugar cane syrup, flour, and wheat bran every week at Statesboro Market2Go. They also have gift bags for nice Christmas gifts, hostess gifts, teacher gifts, etc. Sample gift bags will be available Thursday and can be purchased or custom ordered.

The Freemans mill their products the old-timey way, using antique processes and equipment. Pick up a mill brochure for more information Thursday, or visit their website at

See you Thursday!

Exciting SALMON news!!

Salmon will be delivered to us on DECEMBER 19!!

Please order this week or next week, and you will receive your order when you pick up on the 19th.

Be sure to order plenty because the next available date will be in March, 2014.

Thank you for shopping with us!
Statesboro Market2Go

The market is open!

Thanks for shopping with us.

Order reminder

Sorry for the confusion – the first message is only for those customers who placed orders this week.