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Don't forget to place your order today!

Don’t forget to place your order today before midnight.
Thank you for supporting local farmers!

The market is open!

Wishing you a great Memorial Day weekend!

Enjoy shopping…the market is open!

Memorial Day Weekend--don't forget to order!

Planning a busy Memorial Day weekend? If you won’t have time to shop with us Saturday, be sure to place your order now to pick up Thursday.
We have cucumbers and slicing tomatoes, onions and squash. Summer veggies are coming in!
Get your meats to grill this weekend, and your coffee to enjoy on the porch.
Don’t forget that we close at midnight tonight…so get that order in!
Thank you for supporting local farmers and food producers!

The Market is Open!

Thank you for shopping with us!
Please tell your friends about Statesboro Market2Go!

Be sure to order before midnight!

Our growers have some new veggies online this week, including summer squash and potatoes! It’s a tasty time of the year, so be sure to place your order.

The Market is Open!

Market2Go had a busy week last week…

We have lots of new customers and plenty of new products. If you haven’t looked lately, be sure to check us out this week.

Thank you for shopping with us!

Don't forget to order!

We are open until midnight tonight…

Last night my family enjoyed Vidalia Onion pie, baked sweet potatoes, and homemade coleslaw, all from Market2Go. Try something new this week, and let me know if you’d like my homemade coleslaw recipe or onion pie recipe.

Be sure to place your order.

The market is open!

Have you tried our new coffee? Whole bean or ground, in several flavors – it’s amazing!

Fresh produce – carrots, kale, onions, squash, tomatoes, strawberries, lettuce, beets, sweet potatoes, and more. Be sure to order from our wonderful farmers!

Yogurt, butter, milk, eggs – all available at Market2Go!

Spend some time shopping with us!

Ordering open until midnight Tuesday!

Don’t forget to place your order this week! We added quite a few new products this week, so be sure to look around. Enjoy shopping!

The market is open!

Statesboro Market2Go is open!

We added many new products this week. Just take a look at everything we have – 444 items to choose from! And watch for even more produce over the next several weeks as this beautiful weather continues and spring crops mature and are harvested by our growers!

We have seafood – whiting, shrimp, and flounder – all caught off the Atlantic coast. And we have Hunter Cattle’s award winning sausage, along with their other delicious meats.

Be sure to check out the various yogurt flavors and dairy products, as well as the baked goods, coffee, herbs, honey, eggs, and milled grains. So much to choose from!

Have you noticed the beautiful plants from Southern Native Plantings? Every week when Karen drops off the plants our customers ordered, I see something else I want! And of course you should try the compost and fertilizer – even I can have a green thumb with help like that!

And finally, Frali pasta is back!

Enjoy shopping!