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The Market is Open!

Wow! It’s almost April! The first Saturday market of the season is April 5.
And Statesboro Market2Go is open year around for your online shopping!
See you at the markets next week!

Doug's Salmon Pickup - TODAY!!

Reminder – if you ordered from Market2Go this week or if you ordered from DOUG’S WILD ALASKAN SALMON in the past few weeks – today is pickup day! Please pickup at the location you selected between 4:30 and 6:30 p.m.

Also, Doug will have EXTRA if you are interested but did not order.

Thank you for supporting local food growers and producers!!

The market is open!!

Thank you for supporting local farmers and food producers!! Enjoy shopping with us, and don’t forget this is your chance to order Doug’s salmon. He won’t be back until late summer. Order now to pick up Thursday March 27.

Reminder - Doug's Salmon

Good Morning!
Just a reminder that Doug will be here next Thursday, March 27. Some of you have already ordered – this is the day you will pick up your salmon. If you haven’t ordered, now is the time! The market opens tonight at 8 p.m. and will be open until Tuesday at midnight. Be sure to place your order!
See you next week!
Your Market2Go Managers

Don't forget to place your order!

We are open until midnight. Be sure to place your order for this week.

Thank you for supporting local farmers and producers!

The Market is Open!

The market is open! Be sure to pre-order your wild Alaskan salmon for pickup on March 27. Doug is delivering salmon to us just twice a year, and it may be 6 months before he returns – so get yours and order extra for your freezer!
Enjoy shopping!

Local produce available and so yummy!

We have rutabagas – and I must admit I love them. Here’s a recipe that I found…do YOU have a favorite rutabaga recipe?


4 rutabagas

4 carrots

2 tablespoons white sugar

2 tablespoons butter

1/4 cup milk (optional)


1. Peel rutabagas and cut into large cubes. Place in cold salted water, and bring to a boil. When fork tender, drain.
2. Mash rutabagas with grated carrots, sugar, and butter.
3. Place in oven at low temperature to keep warm. Cover so that the dish will not dry out. If it does, stir in a little milk.

The Market is Open!

So much great local food! Coffee is online now, as well as more produce. Don’t forget we have kettle corn, dog treats, and a wide variety of cupcakes – all new vendors this year! Add those to the great vendors who were already selling with us, and we have some seriously delicious groceries!
Enjoy shopping!

The Market is Open!

Which of these two scenarios sounds more vibrant for the overall quality of your life and health?

The wind on your face, the sun on your skin, you talk with a local farmer or market manager about the taste of this year’s harvest of spinach, lettuce, and beets, and the extra harsh winter we had this year and how it affected your favorite farmer


You stand shivering in the freezer section at our local mega-mart, your eyes begin to glaze over from the halogen lights and the neon-colored cardboard boxes containing substances claimed to be food products? You decide on the one with the least amount of additives and make your way to the self-check-out line, excited to get in your car and out of there.

Well, let me guess…you’d rather shop with your LOCAL farmers and pick up your LOCAL HEALTHY food at your LOCAL pickup site!

This week we approved 2 new farmers – Poor Robin Gardens and Three Tree Coffee Roasters. Both were just approved yesterday, so they haven’t added any products online just yet – however, keep your eyes open this weekend! Some of you will already know Ricardo (Poor Robin Gardens) from the Saturday market and will know that he produces some beautiful produce!

Enjoy shopping!

The Market is Open!

To our Customers—
Thank you for supporting local farmers…it has been a rough winter, but our customers have remained committed to great local foods. Aren’t we all enjoying some sunshine now?!! Our farmers tell me that more and more produce will be available over the next few weeks. Enjoy what’s in season!