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The market is open!

Thank you for shopping with us. The market is open!

Don't forget to place your order!

This week is National Farmers Market Week. Celebrate and support your local food producers by placing your order with Statesboro Market2Go!

The market is open!

Enjoy shopping!!

Canning seminar tomorrow evening

Don’t forget the canning seminar at Ogeechee Technical College tomorrow afternoon from 5:30 until 7:00. This is a free seminar presented by the Main Street Statesboro Farmers Market, Ogeechee Tech, and Discover You Can.

And be sure to place your Market2Go order by midnight tomorrow.

The Market is Open!

Please join us Tuesday, July 29, at Ogeechee Technical College for a free CANNING SEMINAR featuring Chef James Barwick. The seminar will be held in the health science-north building demonstration hall from 5:30 until 7:00 p.m. The seminar is presented by the Main Street Farmers Market, Discover You Can, and Ogeechee Technical College.

Thank you for shopping with us. We have lots of great items this week!

The market is open!!

Thank you for shopping with us.

Be sure to order today...

Be sure to place your order today. Thanks for shopping with us!

The market is open!

Welcome new vendor Fisheads!
Take a look at the beautiful lettuce they have this week.
Enjoy shopping!

What's new?

Please take a look at our sauces, spices, and oils!

You’ll also see shelled butterbeans and pink eye peas this week, a grilling medley of delicious veggies, and several fruits.

Summer in South GA is delicious!

Thanks for shopping with us!

The market is open!

Happy July 4th!
We’ve been enjoying fresh vegetables today.
Hope YOU are having a wonderful holiday!
Enjoy shopping…